Recotech produces, processes and repair components for rough environments. Our company has grown out of the aero engine industry in which durability, function and interaction are the cornerstones.

Our staff are specialists in manufacturing and repair techniques, maintenance methods and diagnostics. Our main processes range from thermal spraying, vacuum brazing to qualified welding, machine-finishing and assembling of systems.


  • Blades & Vanes
  • Vane segments
  • Compressor rings and segments
  • Vane Carriers
  • Heat shields
  • Shrouds
  • Retainer rings
  • Combustion chambers


  • Product Engineering
  • Repair diagnostics
  • Development of repair methods
  • Materials Laboratory
  • Measurement and Calibration


  • Thermal Spraying:
    • Arc spray
    • Flame spray
    • Plasma spray
  • Vacuum brazing
  • Heat treatment
  • Qualified welding
  • Machining
Multi Machining
Vacuum Brazing
Thermal Spraying
Qualified Welding

A word from the VP in Sales & Marketing

The demand for our offer is still high. That is why we welcome the fact that the company’s largest vacuum furnace has undergone a major upgrade, in addition, investment of a new multimachine has been made to enable continued growth and broadening of our competence.


VP Sales & Marketing, Recotech AB