Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies maintains a global network of facilities that performs treatments to enable components operating in harsh environments to last longer and perform better.

Components that experience fatigue, corrosion, and heat while in service in commercial aerospace, defense, power generation, oil and gas, ground transportation and general industrial applications benefit from our services.

We perform most of our processes on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and often OEMs design-in or specify these services as proprietary production processes.

Our Technologies Include:

  • Shot Peening – The shot peening process imparts a beneficial compressive stress layer on the surface that improves the fatigue resistance and durability of the part. 
  • Laser Peening – Our most technically advanced surface treatment service, for attaining the highest level of fatigue protection for mission critical components.
  • Engineered Coatings – Specialty coatings for protecting parts against degradation, thermal spray coatings & solid film lubricant provide thermal barrier protection, abrasion and erosion resistance plus high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance. 
  • Material Testing & Analysis – Failure analysis, as well as mechanical and chemical testing for critical metal, ceramic and composite components. 
  • Wet- Dry Treatments – Chemical cleaning, etching, stripping and controlled shot blasting.
  • Isotropic Superfinishing – Removes surface asperities to create a mirror like finish, reducing macro and micro-pitting, oil temperature and noise whilst promoting lubricant retention.
Enforcement of aerospace lightweight component
Surface treatment of aerospace structural part
Treatment of single crystal turbine blade
Rotating turbine components

A word from the Sales Manager

Representing the Swedish team within our Global Engineering Group we are proud to
provide a wide range of advanced surface treatments for your critical components. Our
Global footprint, being an experienced and innovative leader within Aerospace, Defense
And Energy and our local appearance is ready to support you in your journey to be
Ahead of your competition.

Olle Widman

Sales Manager, Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies AB